Arogyam Healthclinic

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Patients receive comprehensive care from expert medical teams that focus not only on specific diseases and disorders,
but also on caring for the whole person

Adult Vaccinations

Adult vaccination is an important aspect for prevention of infective diseases in society.

Health Checkup

As life style diseases are increasing in earlier age groups.

Childhood Vaccinations

Vaccination is an important part of infancy and pediatric age.

Growth Monitoring

Growth monitoring for children and infants is important.

COPD, Bronchitis and Asthma Management

Chronic cough and lung diseases are increasing with urbanization and pollution.

Lifestyle diseases management

Lifestyle diseases includes Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue....

All Types of Fever, Flu, Viral fevers

Pune and surrounding region is well known for viral fevers including Dengue fever, chikungunya fever...

Allergy and Seasonal diseases

Allergy is Vague issue with symptoms starting from just itching on body to life threatening rea...

All pediatric diseases care

Dr Pranjali Deshpande treats all Newborn, Infant and childhood diseases in clinic.


High BP or Blood pressure( Hypertension) is a disease more than life style issue.

Diabetes treatment and Management.

Diabetes is a life style disease increasing constantly in India and expected 98 million people.