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About Our Clinic

Fever Clinic in Kharadi - Arogyam Health Clinic & Vaccination Centre

Arogyam Health Clinic and Vaccination Center is founded in January 2015 in Kharadi, Pune, and is devoted to providing professional services bestowing ideal and quality medical standards to the patients and communities. Arogyam Health Clinic is one of the best Fewer Clinic in Kharadi. The clinic is passionately devoted to providing the best quality health care and service for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human illness. Our aim is to meet the standards of good health of all our patients. Arogyam Health Clinic has two specialties at par excellence – Medicine and Pediatrics which takes care of adults, children and newborns, babies from birth.

About Our Clinic

Treatments By Specialist

Dr. Shrikant Deshpande provides treatment for Diabetes, Heart diseases, Asthma, Bronchitis, Thyroid disorders, Arthritis, Viral fevers, Dengue Illness, Seasonal diseases, Lifestyle diseases like high Blood Pressure(Hypertension), Anxiety, Stress, Chronic body ache, Abdominal diseases like Diarrhea, Back pain and Headache.

Dr. Pranjali Deshpande provides treatment for all Pediatric ailments, Newborn care and concerns, Adolescent problems, Childhood Asthma and Allergy, Diarrhea, and colic. All Types of Pediatric and adult vaccinations are done in Clinic.

Laboratory services (blood checkups), X-ray facility, and Pharmacy are available next door with the clinic.

Clinic Facilities Available

Motivation is easy

Wheel chair assistance available

Wheelchair help is offered in the clinic for all patients who require it, including the elderly. The building has a lift that may take you to the clinic on the second floor. There is enough parking in the front and basement of the building. There is an elevator available from the basement.

Pharmacy (Arogyam Pharmacy)

The clinic has a pharmacy or drugstore just next door. All of the necessary medications are on hand.

Nurse with First aid(Primary Care)

In the clinic, there are nurse and first-aid services. The clinic provides first assistance for injuries, trauma, and mild burns. The service of nebulization is provided.

Feeding area for Breast feeding mothers

Breastfeeding women have their own area in the clinic where they may nurse. Your privacy is safeguarded.

Laboratory and X ray Services

The clinic has a laboratory for collecting blood samples as well as X-rays (Radiology). Health checkups are simple to do, and quick tests are available.

ECG facility (Electrocardiogram)

In the clinic, there is an ECG machine. In the clinic, cardiac patients can obtain a quick assessment with labs and an ECG.

Looking for a Certified Doctor?

New patients are always welcome! We are committed to giving the best possible treatment to all of our current patients, and we invite new patients to try out our services.

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